Mindfulness and Yoga for Performance

October, 2019 at Iron Mountain   

Led by Tara Healy, this talk introduced the basic principles and practices of mindfulness, a concentrated state of awareness that empowers people to see and respond to situations with clarity. Individuals who employ the techniques of mindfulness are able to lead from their hearts, in their work lives, and beyond—responding promptly and appropriately to difficulties as they arise, remaining open to new ideas and perspectives, and inspiring others to succeed. Participants were introduced to meditation practices that will teach them how to maximize strength, focus, and resilience in all aspects of their lives.

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Equal Pay Day

April, 2019 at Keystone Partners  

In honor of Equal Pay Day, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Lean In Boston, and Keystone Partners were pleased to invite women to Work Smart in Boston. This FREE two-hour salary negotiation workshop explores how to confidently and successfully negotiate your salary and benefits packages. In this workshop, you’ll gain confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role-playing.

Balance for Better - International Women's Day 2019

March, 2019 at athenahealth  

Back by popular demand, Lean In Boston hosted a speed networking event. We kicked off by presenting some of the findings from the Mentor Her campaign done by Lean In. We then hosted a speed mentoring session with a variety of topics and mentors.

Balance for Better - International Women's Day 2019

March, 2019 at WeWork  

This year's International Women’s Day theme is ‘balance for better!’ Female leaders will share their stories on how they have undergone grassroots activism or action to help create more of a gender-balanced world.  Complete with artists & vendors, come enjoy live music and indulge with food & drinks, while socializing and networking with your Boston community! 

Lean In Holiday Celebration

December, 2018 at aloft hotel 

A celebration of 2018 and circles conversation as we look to 2019. 

Lean In to your Financial Future

November, 2018 at Fidelity Investments

A panel discussion focused on finding financial clarity with suggestions for getting started with investing, planning for retirement and getting organized around your finances. 

Civility in the Workplace

October, 2018 at Teradyne

An evening discussion on civility in the workplace. This event was a talk from Christine Porath, author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace. Following her talk was a panel discussion about the importance of civility in the workplace and the potential productivity that can be gained. 

Planning for Career Longevity
in a Biased World

September, 2018 at athenahealth

A panel discussion about the cultural biases that have prevented more women from reaching senior management positions. We discussed tactics and advice for how to plan for longevity in your career and how to enable a culture of more proactively promoting women.

Summer Sangria 
July, 2018 at Industrious Seaport

A fun summer evening of sangria, charcuterie and fun networking hosted by our newest partner, Industrious Boston Seaport, "where coworking is redefined!" 

Changing the Power Dynamic: 
Power Inequity and Gender Bias in the Workplace

June, 2018 at Hubspot

In an era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, we take a deep dive into the initiatives, movements, policies and legislative actions regarding power inequity and gender bias impacting women in businesses across the Commonwealth. We heard from community leaders about how they are combating bias in their workplaces and the community, and discovered how each of us can take individual and collective action to shift the power dynamic. This event was an exciting partnership with a number of local organizations that support gender equality. Working together, we can change the power dynamic. 

How to be a Role Model for Girls
May, 2018 at Wayfair

An amazing panel of people representing local organizations that support and develop programs for girls and women. They shared their advice and insights for how you can do your best to be a role model.

Fireside Chat with Jessica Bennett
April, 2018 at Boston University

A fun and engaging talk with Jessica Bennett, author of Feminist Fight Club and Gender Editor at the New York Times. 

Equal Pay Day Salary Negotiation Workshop

April, 2018 at Keystone Partners

In partnership with AAUW Work Smart, this session helps women learn the skills they need to negotiate better salaries.

Breaking Barriers with Bobbi Gibb

March, 2018 at John Hancock

An inspirational evening with Bobbi Gibb, the first woman ever to run and complete the Boston Marathon in 1966.

Lean In Discussion on Women in the Workplace
February, 2018 at Arnold Worldwide

An overview of the Lean In and McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace 2017 research report. It is a comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America based on pipeline data from 222 companies employing 12 million people. To our knowledge, it's the largest study of its kind.

How to Give and Receive Feedback at Work

October, 2017 at Wayfair

A panel tackling the topic of feedback at work, followed by small group breakouts with career coaches to practice different feedback approaches.

Discovering and Using Your Strengths

September, 2017 at Google Cambridge

An inspiring session on discovering your character strengths. Janet Kraus, Co-founder & CEO of Peach will helped members utilize a scientifically-validated VIA Survey to learn about their strengths and how they can use them to live their best lives. She also discussed her journey as a female entrepreneur.

Cocktails & Chatter: Ice Cream 

August, 2017 at Fenway Community Center

A summer celebration with facilitated networking. 

Managing Career Transitions
June, 2017 at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center

A discussion with Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of iRelaunch, to learn tools and tactics to guide you through transitional periods like changing careers or returning to the workforce.

Building Your Career Story

May, 2017 at Tasty Burger Harvard Square

In this interactive workshop, Todd Stewart, Lead Content Marketing Manager at Dispatch Inc. and Adjunct Communication Professor at Bryant University, joined us to share some tips and tricks to be sure that we avoid the cliche and common pitfalls when storytelling in order to really standout.

Fireside Chat with Sheryl Sandberg

April, 2017 at Proctor and Gamble/Gillette

An intimate fireside chat with Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg moderated by the Lean In Boston Chapter’s own Sarah Joyce. 

Be Your Authentic Self

March, 2017 at the Broad Institute

Certified professional coach and motivational speaker, Trishia Lichauco, discussed and explored the importance of authenticity and its implications on yourself and others.

Women in Leadership Panel

January, 2017 at Shire

Celebrating Women's Leadership Month, we learned about Lean In Boston’s plan for 2017 and heard perspectives on women in leadership from a panel of highly-regarded Boston leaders.


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